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There are three things that can be a girl's hearts desire: a walk-in-closet filled with designer clothes, lot's of money and....a diamond ring. And who should give that ring to us? Right, the boy of our dreams! But what kind of boy is your dreamboy? Let's find out!


Question one: A guy walks up to you and says "Hey, don't they miss you up there?" You think:


A) Another hopeless guy with a terrible pick-up line..

B) Ahhw, that's so sweet!

C) What? Where do they miss me??


Question two: Which guy in your class draws your attention?


A) The guy with the motorcycle; he could drive me to school!

B) The sillent boy that's always writing in his notebook.

C) Well, no one actually..


Question three: What's a cute gift?


A) A new Black Berry, mine keeps getting frozen..

B) A bouquet of roses..

C) I don't want anything..


Most A: you fall for 'the cool guy'! He should be able to keep your attention for more then 5 seconds...

Most B: you fall for 'the cute, sillent type'! So romantic!

Most C: which boys? You just don't care..




Which star is the cutest?